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Language English
Politics: British Crown Colony
Currency: USD (U.S. Dollar)
Size: 193 square miles (the entire colony altogether)
38 square miles (Providenciales or "Provo" Island)
Population: 21 - 25,000 (colony)
6,000 (Provo)
Capital: Cockburn Town on Grand Turk Island
Tourism Center: Providenciales (Provo)
Climate: Avg. 82-85 degrees year round with constant trade winds
Electricity: 120 volt / 60 cycle (USA standard)
Time: Eastern Standard Time & Daylight Savings Time (April - October)
Driving: Drive on the Left (British system).
Telephone: Area code 649, direct dialing.
Entry Passport mostly, some exceptions - See below.
Telephone: Area code 649, direct dialing.

The Turks & Caicos Islands
The Turks & Caicos Islands are a British Crown Colony, a group of over 40 islands and cays scattered in the aquamarine ocean. They are located at the southeastern end of the Bahama chain, approximately 585 miles miles southeast of Miami from where it takes about 75 - 80 minutes by jet. Major airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways and Air Canada fly in regularly and there are also regularly scheduled inter-island flights connecting the inhabited islands. Only eight of these islands are inhabited - Of the Turks Islands these include Grand Turk (the capital) and Salt Cay; and of the Caicos Islands: Providenciales (commonly called "Provo"), North Caicos, Middle Caicos, South Caicos, and the private islands of Parrot Cay and Pine Cay. The two groups of islands are divided by a 22 mile wide, 7000 ft deep passage know as "Columbus Passage". This amazing coral reef system which teems with extensive exotic sea life is over 180 miles in length.

Providenciales, familiarly known as "Provo" is situated West of the Caicos archipelago and is considered the tourism and action centre of the Turks & Caicos Islands. This island offers the all the modern conveniences yet remains blissfully unspoilt, making it one of the great destinations for those who seek to escape the crowds . It has grown to have the largest populations of both native and immigrant populations in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Beautiful beaches are scattered on all sides of Providenciales. On our side of Provo there are conch and lobsters in abundance and the natural harbours offer safe mooring for sailboats and yachts traveling through the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Weather Report For Providenciales Weather - CLICK HERE.

The Beaches of Turks and Caicos Islands
There are a total of 230 miles of fine white sand beaches with crystal clear, aqua waters. The beaches on these islands have been rated in the top 10 in the world including Grace Bay on Providenciales (Provo) which has been rated as the 4th best beach by a travel agent poll in the United Kingdom. Photos in our photo gallery include some of the Provo beach nearest Moonglade II villa, only a 3 minute walk away.

Provo and Turks and Caicos Tours, Activities and Attractions
See the Moonglade II Villa Activities Page: CLICK HERE

Tropical. tropical. tropical. Imagine an average of 350 days of glorious sunshine! The average temperature ranges from 85º - 90º F (29º-32º C) from June- October, reaching up at times to the middle 90's F (35º C) in the later summer months at times. From November to May the average temperature is 80º - 84ºF (27º-29º celsius). The water is warm, ranging from the 70's (F) in winter to 80's (F) in summer. The trade winds are constant which results in a very pleasant ocean breeze almost always.

Entry Requirements
Passports are required of most visitors though visitors from North America or Canada may enter without a passport if they have a birth certificate and 1 photo I.D. Round trip tickets are also a requirement. Though we try to keep our site as updated as possible, such information is subject to change, so we advise that you confirm with your airline regarding entry requirements and luggage restrictions in advance.

One carton of cigarettes or cigars, one bottle of liquor or wine, and some perfume are allowed into the Islands duty-free for personal use. The importation of all firearms, including those charged with compressed air, without prior approval in writing from the Commissioner of Police, is strictly forbidden. Spear guns, Hawaiian slings, controlled drugs, and pornography are also illegal.

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Turks & Caicos Marriage Regulations
Whether a small intimate affair or lavish wedding, the amazing venues in Turks and Caicos, such as the white sand beaches or tropical gardens, prove to be among the world's most romantic. Marriage requirements are not strict but it is highly advisable that you contact the relevant persons (eg. pastor or Marriage Officer etc) far in advance to ensure smooth sailing and proper scheduling. For further information you may contact:

The Registrar's General Office
Front Street, Turks & Caicos Islands
British West Indies
Tel: (+1)649-946-2800
Fax: (+1)649-946-2821

You may also click HERE for helpful information on marriage regulations in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Local Churches
If you need information on church services or would like a church wedding while in the Turks and Caicos Islands we have provided a list of contact numbers for churches below:

  • Anglican 649-946-2289
  • Methodists 649-946-2115
  • Baptist 649-946-2295
  • Roman Catholic 946-941-5136
  • Faith Tabernacle 649-946-4214
  • Seven Day Adventist 649-946-2065
  • New Testament Church of God 649-946-2235
  • Church of Prophecy 649-946-2394

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